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5CX-5I Magnetic Separator (Stainless Steel)

5CX-5I Magnetic Separator (Stainless Steel)


5CX-5 high-performance magnetic soil block separator is to separate clods from grain.When materials are put in a closed strong magnetic field, they will form a stable parabolic movement. Due to the different strength of attraction of the magnetic field, clods and grains will be separated.

Working principle

The material is fed from elevator in-feed hopper, through elevator, tee joint into grain tank, then it is distributed evenly on conveyor belt through bulk grain.
Under the action of conveyor belt, the material go through two lines filtered magnet and magnetic roller (removing the ferromagnetic iron impurities to avoid these impurities touch the magnetic roller to damage the conveyor belt), the scattered material form a paraboloid after horizontal projectile.
Due to the soil block contain ferromagnetic substance, with the strong magnetic effect of magnetic roller, the movement path of soil block will be change.
Finally the material will be separated from soil block through spreader plate sorting, respectively into grain outlet and soil block outlet.


1. This soil block separator adopts original design of bulk grain equipment with uniform bulk grain and no maintenance, which greatly reduces the losses caused by the vibration feeder damage.
2. 304 stainless steel sheet metal machine with strict magnetic closure and less magnetic flux leakage.
3. The magnetic field strength of magnetic roller is more than 17,000 GS with good magnetic effect.
4. Wide magnetic surface of 1300mm, which ensures the processing capacity and improves the magnetic effect.
5. Clods magnetic separator is equipped with the most advanced transducer. According to different types of materials, it’s very convenient to adjust to optimum operation speed.
6. The main body is stainless steel structure.
7. The machine is equipped with transducer, which is suitable for all kinds of material.


1. The advanced processing equipment includes plasma cutting equipment, CNC turret punch and sand blasting & spraying plastics machine, which guarantee smooth plate, high dimensional accuracy as well as high punching accuracy and hole distance precision.
2. Most components adopt bolted connection to avoid welding deformation.
3. The soil block separator features simple process, saving material, high precision and fault reduction, which can be a tangible market dominance.
4. The bearing is fixed on the steel channel, thus the accuracy grade is more higher than others.
5. Laser cutting minimize the degree of deformation. Fabricated precision assures spreader plate and regular site keeping consistence.
6. This clods magnetic separator has got ISO9001: 2008, BV, CE, SGS, SONCAP certificate.
7. Technical advantage: it’s still the only one that we have a technical team with 15 high-tech technician in the industry.
8. After-sales service: In charge of after-sales service,we set agent or office in each country.
9. The machine is equipped with transducer, which is used for all kinds of material.

Parameters of Soil Block Separator

Width for Magnetic Election
Clod Election

Overall Size
L × W × H(mm)
1600 × 1600 × 2070
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