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5XFJ-20 Vibration Screen Grader

5XFJ-20 Vibration Screen Grader


5XFJ-20 vibration sorter machine model can be used as five layers vibration grading sieve, which divided material into 6 grades. It can also be used as double screen box with 20 tons per hour output.


1. Ordinary grading sieve and longer grading sieve are available. The longer grading sieve features higher screening efficiency.
2. The seed sorter with five layers works by configuring different specification sieves, which divided the material into different grades.
3. Machine with three layers sieves is divided into 3 to 4 grades. Machine with four layers sieves is divided into 4 to 5 grades.
4. Vibration sorter machine consists of grain inlet tank, screen box, screen frame, sieve piece, grain outlet tank and vibration motor.


1. The advanced processing equipment includes plasma cutting equipment, CNC turret punch and sand blasting & spraying plastics machine, which guarantee smooth plate, high dimensional accuracy as well as high punching accuracy and hole distance precision.
2. Most components adopt bolted connection to avoid welding deformation.
3. Vibration motor adopts leading brands: Anyang Gao jian.
4. After-sales service: In charge of after-sales service,we set agent or office in each country.
5. Seed sorter with five layers has got ISO9001: 2008, BV, CE, SGS, SONCAP certificate.

Parameters of Vibration Sorter Machine

Vibration Grader
Sieve Surface
Area (mm)
Overall Size
L×W×H (mm)
Double screen box
1500 × 2400
15 to 20
3500 × 2300 × 1740
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