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QSX-125 Suck Type De-stoner

QSX-125 Suck Type De-stoner


QSX-125 Sucking destoner machine is to separate stone, clods by adjusting wind pressure, amplitude and other parameters. It includes suspended hood, gravity table board and vibration motor, which is suitable for light proportion material.


1. Larger proportion material stone will sink down and move bottom to up under the stress of vibration friction; while smaller proportion material moves up to bottom.
2.This dry stoner is equipped with internal fans, and fans and vibration system both have their own motors.
3. Vibration system’s motor has a transducer, which uses different frequencies for different sizes of materials.
4. The sucking destoner machine adopts green dust hood, which is used for light proportion material.


1. The advanced processing equipment includes plasma cutting equipment, CNC turret punch and sand blasting & spraying plastics machine, which guarantee smooth plate, high dimensional accuracy as well as high punching accuracy and hole distance precision.
2. Most components adopt bolted connection to avoid welding deformation.
3. This dry stoner has got ISO9001: 2008, BV, CE, SGS, SONCAP certificate.
4. Technical advantage: it’s still the only one that we have a technical team with 15 high-tech technician in the industry.
5. After-sales service: In charge of after-sales service,we set agent or office in each country.

Parameters of Sucking Destoner Machine

Sieve size
Overall Size
L×W×H (mm)
Suck type
1250 × 1000
1400 × 1480 × 1800
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