1. On-purchase service (foreign market)

Generally, the delivery cycle will be about 10 days (working days).

2. After-sales service(foreign market)

Guarantee Period: One Year (After the equipment arrived at destination port within a year, If due to the product quality problem caused the parts damaged, the seller can offer the spare parts for free.

3. Special service (foreign market)

(1) We develop and manufacture suitable products according to customers’ needs and specific circumstances after recognized by the customer.
(2) Engineers and technicians from our company will be dispatched to the installation site to give instruction in the installation and commissioning work.

The company has customer service centers, marketing Department, international trade Department, production Department, supply Department technology Department, Quality Control Department, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Personnel. Adhering to the business concept of "keep hearts together, supply excellent machines", We firmly believe that, where there is seed, where there is grain, there is "Julite”.