Product List

Sesame Seed Cleaning Plant


Sesame seed cleaning plant consists of five systems: main engine machining system, elevator transport system, grain conveying piping system, dedusting system, control system.


1. 2-3t/h sesame seed cleaning plant
2. 6-7t/h sesame seed cleaning plant
3. Complete sesame seed cleaning plant


1. The main function includes winnowing, gravity selection, destoner, grading selection, clods separator, portion pack, dedusting, etc.
2. The sesame seed cleaning line can add other processing equipment according to customer requirement, like color selector, we can also change screen pieces to screening material when customer need.
3. The host equipment adopts modular partition placement in terms of function, which is convenient to installation construction and system upgrade, in consideration of space usage, neatness, easy operation and atmosphere, it make full advantage of height drop to minimize the elevator.