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5XFS-5CTL Corn Thresher and Cleaner

5XFS-5CTL Corn Thresher and Cleaner


The corn sheller machine combines thresher, elevator, winnowing and vibration screen, which is suitable for corn. Threshers rotor adopts a new generation of flexible hammer-type hit design, which can thresh the corn completely with no broken corns and low damage rate.


1. Corn sheller and thresher can also save labor with continuous operation.
2. This machine can remove dust, light, large and small impurities and then divide the corn into different sizes.
3. The yield is 5 tons per hour, and it is used for threshing and cleaning corn.

Advantages of Corn Sheller Machine

1. The advanced processing equipment includes plasma cutting equipment, CNC turret punch and sand blasting & spraying plastics machine, which guarantee smooth plate, high dimensional accuracy as well as high punching accuracy and hole distance precision.
2. Most components adopt bolted connection to avoid welding deformation.
3. Vibration motor, fan motor use the leading brand like Anyang Gao Jian, Hebei Electric Motor, etc.
4. The corn sheller and thresher has got ISO9001:2008, BV, CE, SGS, SONCAP certificate.
5. The elevator features binocular super-low speed, non broken.
6. The elevator is designed with unique anti-winding device which can effectively avoid hemp rope winding.
7. Technical advantage: it’s still the only one that we have a technical team with 15 high-tech technician in the industry.
8. After-sales service: In charge of after-sales service,we set agent or office in each country.

Parameters of Corn Sheller Machine

Sieve Surface Area (mm)
Overall Size
L×W×H (mm)
1000 × 2000
4500 × 2200 × 3380
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